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This is a warning notification  Effective July 1, 2022, credit card payments will be charged a 2.49% service fee and electronic check payments will be charged $0.45 per transaction by our payment processor.
This is an informational notification  Public Counter appointments are by reservations only , for locations and scheduling information please visit us at

Question 1 Why should I register instead of using the front page to pay my bills?
Answer 1 The advantage of registering a property under your account allows you to request exemptions, update the billing address, manage multiple properties, and receive email notifications about your property.
Question 2 Where can I find my APN or Statement number?
Answer 2 You can find this information on the top right of your bill.
Question 3 I forgot my username and/or password, how can I retrieve it?
Answer 3The User ID is your registered email ID and you can refer to the registration activation email sent during sign-up. To retrieve your password, click the “Home” tab on the Customer Portal. Under “Sign In”, you can click “Forgot Password” to reset your password.
Question 4 I need additional help. How can I contact you?
Answer 4Please contact us by email at or by calling our Billing and Collections Unit Helpline at (877) 614-6873. They are open Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM.
Question 5 There is a data breach message after I logged in using Google Chrome browser. What should I do?
Answer 5Google/Chrome implemented this new feature password check feature. Chrome checks your username and password against known lists of compromised credentials. If you are receiving this error you should change that account's password asap.