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This is a warning notification  Effective July 1, 2022, credit card payments will be charged a 2.49% service fee and electronic check payments will be charged $0.45 per transaction by our payment processor.
This is an informational notification  Public Counter appointments are by reservations only , for locations and scheduling information please visit us at
01Administrative Appeal (English)
02Administrative Appeal (Spanish)
03Certification of No Rent Collected
04Notice of Temporary Vacant and Secured Rental Units (S5) Form
05Termination of Notice of Temporary Vacant and Secured Rental Units
06Registration Exemption Application
07Agent Representative Authorization Policy (English)
08Unit Count Discrepancy Form (English)
09Unit Count Discrepancy Form (Spanish)
10Refund Form
11Conditional Exemption Application
12Frequently Asked Questions (English)
13Frequently Asked Questions (Spanish)