Frequently asked questions

  1. Why did I get this form?
  2. You received this form because your property is subject to the RSO. The Rent Registry form must be completed for every rental property subject to the RSO on an annual basis and received by LAHD on or before the last day of February in order for your annual registration to be complete.
  3. What happens if I do not submit the form or only provide partial information?
  4. For 2017, if you do not submit or complete the Rent Registry form, you will receive a Provisional Rent Certificate instead of the regular Rent Certificate that has been issued in prior years. Since this amendment to the RSO was approved by City Council at the end of 2016, Registration Certificates will not be withheld in the first year of the Rent Registry implementation. However, beginning in 2018, if the Rent Registry form is not submitted or incomplete, a Rent Certificate will not be issued.
  5. What if I am a new Landlord and do not know all the answers to the questions regarding each tenancy for each rental unit?
  6. You should answer each question to the best of your knowledge. Once the form is submitted to LAHD, tenants will be able to view the information and dispute discrepancies by providing supporting documentation.
  7. What if I submit my Rent Registry form to LAHD and later realize I need to update information?
  8. Updates to the Rent Registry form will only be processed online at To access your information, you will need the same login information that is used when you pay your registration and SCEP fees online.
  9. I received a Provisional Rent Certificate and want to know how I can obtain a non-Provisional Rent Certificate?
  10. In 2017, either type of Certificate serves as evidence of registration and permits a landlord to collect rent. Provisional Certificates will only be issued in 2017. Beginning in 2018, if the Rent Registry form is not submitted or is incomplete, a Registration Certificate will not be issued.
  11. Who do I contact for assistance regarding the Rent Registry form?
  12. Call our Hotline at (866) 557-RENT (7368) or visit our website