Annual registration of rental units subject to the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) consists of paying the annual registration fee(s) and completion of the Rent Registry. Property owners who fail to register are not permitted to accept or demand rent per the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) Section 151.05.

The online Rent Registry allows the user to enter the rental unit information manually versus mailing the Rent Registry Form that was included in the annual registration bill that was mailed to each property owner. Once logged in, the user has the option to manually enter the information or download the Rent Registry CSV spreadsheet which is often used for properties that consist of more than 10 rental units. This CSV spreadsheet must be downloaded and uploaded online. Mailed-in CSV spreadsheets, rent rolls, and rent ledgers will not be processed.

Please have the following rental unit information available when logging on to the online Rent Registry:

  • Each rental unit address & unit number.
  • Number of bedrooms of each rental unit.
  • Move-in date for each rental unit (Month & Year).
  • Current monthly rent amount for each rental unit.
  • The effective date of last rent increase for each rental unit (Month & Year).
  • Utility services (Gas and/or Electric) provided by the landlord for each rental unit.
  • Parking included in current monthly rent amount for each rental unit.
  • Indicate if an RSO exemption application has been submitted to LAHD.

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